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Disney Princess Royal Horse Show

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Disney Princess Royal Horse Show

Decorate and Ride the Horse of Your Dreams!Product InformationOnce upon a time...Cinderella Snow White Aurora and Belle were preparing for aRoyal Horse Show.  Help your Princess friends decorate and ride all thehorses in the Royal Stables!  Show your graceful horses in beautifulcostume compete in the Royal Show Ring ride and jump over rails hedges andwater.  All this awaits you when you enter the exciting and magical worldof the Disney Princess Royal Horse Show.Decorate and ride a magical hor

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  • Choose from 6 horses and 4 Disney princesses - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Snow White
  • Ride your horse through the show ring and make it through a variety of obstacles
  • Groom, color and dress your horses in beautiful accessories, to prepare them for the big festivities
  • Decorate the fairgrounds and print out scrapbooks & trading cards of your creations
  • See if you can win an award or print out your own riding certificates!

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